Progress HP Spring Newsletter 2015

Progress Health Partnerships is 2 years old!

How time flies when you are busy! Since setting up the company 2 years ago we have delivered over 20 public health related contracts – locally, regionally and nationally – not to mention United States and Europe. Ranging from small independent project evaluations through to local health needs analysis, national research, regional implementation programmes and the design of health and wellbeing programmes.

All this has come at a time of unprecedented upheaval in Public Health, with the transfer of public health from the NHS to local government and Public Health England (PHE). If this transfer of power was not complicated enough, it was introduced at a time when local authority and NHS budgets were being squeezed to (and some would argue beyond) the maximum. The challenges posed have led to significant structural change, a shift in the power base and in many authorities a loss human and financial collateral. But with these challenges come opportunities for public health. If these changes are managed correctly they represent a unique opportunity to change the focus of health from treating sickness to actively promoting health and wellbeing. With the right support, local authorities are uniquely placed to identify and lead a partnership response to this complex position and Progress Health Partnerships remain committed to supporting this process over the coming years. If we can help you please do get in touch.

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Progress HP Spring Newsletter 2015
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