Nick Cavill

Specialist Associate

Nick is our specialist associate for research and evaluation.

Nick is a director of Cavill Associates Ltd, a research associate of the University of Oxford BHF Health Promotion Research Group, and an honorary senior research fellow at the University of Salford. He specialises in the development of policy and programmes on sustainable transport and the links to physical activity.

He is currently a specialist advisor to the National Obesity Observatory, and a member of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Programme Development Group on walking and cycling. He was one of the core team for the WHO Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling; a member of the Dept of Health’s Physical Activity Editorial Group; and a member of the World Cancer Research Fund policy panel. He has worked at both Departments of Health and Transport, and was formerly at the Health Education Authority, where he was head of the physical activity programme from 1994 – 2000. Nick recently completed his PhD at the University of Salford, focusing on national policy approaches to promoting physical activity, and was made a member of the Faculty of Public Health through distinction.

Nick has recently been working with Progress Health Partnerships in conducting a range independent evaluations and a series of research programmes for a wide range of public and private sector clients.

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